Based in Peoria Heights, Illinois, KDB Group LLC works to grow strength for more vibrant and walkable communities in Central Illinois. This includes fostering the arts, preserving history, embracing ecotourism and prioritizing philanthropic efforts that help enable people of all ages, demographics and backgrounds to flourish and affect positive impact on their communities.


  • Listen to the local community.
  • Collaborate on canvas and vision.
  • Preserve character and essence.
  • Create more opportunities for families to live, work, shop, stay and play.
  • Enhance indoor and outdoor spaces with local resources.
  • Honor local history and animate streets and neighborhoods.

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Terrain Work is an international landscape architecture, urban design, and public art studio in New York City that is known for its creativity and design innovation. Terrain Work’s landscapes and urban strategies consider how landscape’s innate ability to change create new emergent forms and experiences that synthesize culture, nature, and the built environment. We approach each project with a curiosity and collaborative spirit born out of the belief that landscapes should perform as both cultural provocateur and ecological system.

Theodore Hoerr is the founding principal of Terrain Work. He is a licensed landscape architect and urban designer who has led the design and implementation of a diverse range of projects in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  Theodore’s connection to InterPlay Park is a personal one — born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, he is deeply invested in the future of his hometown. Theodore and his team at Terrain Work designed InterPlay Park with the community, identity, and future of Peoria at the forefront.  The design of InterPlay Park harnesses the city’s existing strengths to facilitate social connection between people of all ages and backgrounds through creative play and civic space.